“Why Mattie Lemonade”


I have always had an unbelievably close family thanks to my grandmother Mattie Robinson. As a woman, she had so much confidence and could make anything look good. She exhibited such a sense of style and luxury but at the same time was approachable and personable to everyone. And most importantly she literally thought that she could do anything that she wanted to. I distinctly remember going to her house one summer after getting my hair professionally braided. She took one look and said “I can do that”. And she did! Memories of my grandmother’s strength, power and sense of family have fueled me to create a company worthy of her style and and based on the values of faith, family and football that she loved so much.


Lemonade is one of my favorite drinks. While drinking it, (especially in the South) you a nice sweet taste and then a burst of tartness. And that is what I like to embody with my creations, a sweet, feminine sense of style that would work in the office but it has a special kick necessary to cheer on your favorite team!


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